Research Duquesne Advisory delivers in-depth analyses of Information and Communications Technologies, their implementations and their markets. Research is based on critical observation of the market by the analysts and their on-going contacts with the vendor community, together with hands-on, practical experience in consulting engagements.

Algorithms, Darwinism and AI - 06/13/2018

AI systems are made of thousands of enmeshed, fast evolving computer algorithms. The rate of progress is so high that it raises many concerns about impacts on human societies. But what are the laws that drive this evolution?

In this paper we propose a provocative answer to that question: we suggest that the Darwinist laws that drive biological and cultural evolution also drive the evolution of computer algorithms! The same mechanisms are at work to create complexity, from cells to humans, and from human to robots.

The author of this thought provoking and highly original article is our friend Thierry Caminel, a distinguished French expert in Artificial Intelligence

TechWeek at Société Générale: on the road to digital transformation - 11/10/2017

“Tech" probably still isn't the first word that comes to mind in thinking about Société Générale, but the Group is now engaged in a digital transformation that will probably be an order of magnitude greater than could have been imagined before.

Wannacry, NotPetya and the NSA - 07/16/2017

With the possible exception of someone just back from an extended vacation on the planet Mars, everyone knows that cyberattacks are bad and getting worse.

The nature of attacks is also changing, with increasing use of true “cyberweapons”, typically dangerous malware based on extremely sophisticated “exploits” – in the case of Wannacry and NotPetya, leaked from the NSA - that target vulnerabilities in software.

Old fashioned fishing scams and single organization data breaches by hacker teams are, of course, still around, but large scale exploit based cyberattacks – possibly with the loss of lives - are what we have to face up to now.

“Backdoor battle”: can Apple beat the FBI in the federal courts? - 07/05/2017

Just in case anyone was wondering, the ultimate decision of the US government to drop its San Bernardino shooting iPhone case against Apple settled absolutely nothing. We believe that the FBI is simply biding its time and waiting for the right case to come along, in order to get what it really wants: the authority to order Tech companies to break the security of their products.

The facts will, of course, be different but the legal arguments will be largely unchanged and we can expect the same sort of prosecutorial obsession with encryption and government mandated backdoors. That’s why we decided to republish this article, because Round 2 could start anytime.

TCS in Europe: Expanding Presence, Scope and Customer Base - 11/09/2015

In part 1 of this series, we discussed how Tata Consultancy Services has been able to coherently align its key propositions (value, profit and people) and to differentiate itself, notably through innovation.

In part 2, we look in more detail at TCS in Europe. The company is already strong in the UK and is now targeting the big continental Europe markets of France and Germany

Collapse of Safe Harbor: what happens next? - 11/02/2015

While nothing is certain in this messy situation, EU-US negotiations for a “Safe Harbor 2” will probably be “stuck between a rock and a hard place”: the high minded fundamental rights standards of the European Court of Justice and American political reality.

Our working hypothesis is that, by the end of the three month transition period, there will be no viable agreement that is acceptable by EU DPAs, and the likely consequences will be thoroughly unpleasant, especially for US Tech.

Outsourcing and Offshoring 2013 Part 1: The supply side perspective - 10/20/2015

The acceleration of innovation is driving an IT skills shortage and reshuffling the outsourcing and offshoring landscape. In this context, well managed outsourcing - including to countries such as India - will likely be a key part of the IT strategy of most large organizations in the coming years.

In the first note of this two part series, Daniel LeBourhis analyses this new services market dynamic from the supply side perspective.

Amazon API Gateway: what’s at stake? - 10/04/2015

While API management frameworks have been around for a good while, the arrival this summer of public cloud leader Amazon Web Services (AWS) in this small but highly strategic space of the IT market is an event of not inconsiderable consequence.

APIs – application programming interfaces – are the building blocks of modern ICT development, especially Mobile and, inevitably, the Internet of Things.

With Amazon coming late to an already crowded playing field, it is entirely reasonable to ask: just what does AWS expect to accomplish and how does the company intend to do it?

Dublin email case on appeal: three reasons why Microsoft is right - 09/10/2015

In this case, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) lost and Microsoft won before the 2nd Circuit. The Supreme Court in October 2017 accepted to hear the DOJ appeal from that ruling in early 2018.

We stand by our opinion in this 2015 article that the DOJ is wrong and Microsoft is right.

The stakes are high. Who will win – the "national security state" or the open international Internet ?

On the road with AWS: if this is Tuesday, we must be in Paris ! - 07/27/2015

Amazon Web Services kicked off the European leg of its worldwide whirlwind tour in London and Stockholm and hit Paris on June 23rd. The whole team – including CTO Werner Vogels and French boss Miguel Alava - was wearing bright orange sneakers, which made them easy to recognize in the enthusiastic crowd of over 1500 participants.

The morning keynote session provided an opportunity to understand the value propositions that AWS is making to different categories of potential customers and the major messages it is delivering to the market in 2015. Without being exhaustive, this article will simply hit the high points.

What’s next in Europe for Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), the fastest growing IT Services brand? - 07/10/2015

In a European market plagued with slow growth and local recessions, the development of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) as a leading IT services provider stands out as a striking exception.

The continued interest of large European organizations for offshore services doesn’t explain everything.

In Part 1 of this two-part series, we focus on the company’s global business model to identify its strengths and its potential challenges. Part 2 will dig deeper into its perspectives in Europe, a far from homogenous market where its presence is substantially different from country to country.

HP and the public cloud: game over or game changer ? - 06/02/2015

In early April of this year Bill Hilf, the head of HP’s cloud business, inadvertently set off a noisy controversy in the IT industry by seeming to imply in a NY Times interview that HP was quitting the public cloud.

According to Hilft, “we thought people would rent or buy computing from us…. It turns out that it makes no sense for us to go head-to-head” against big volume players like AWS and Microsoft. In fact, HP had made no such decision but the ensuing controversy at least had the merit of raising some interesting questions.

While the company has not had much success with its US based public cloud, it does have a very big opportunity to capitalise on its proven strength and achievements in the private cloud, especially in Europe. As it turns out, HP is very much in the cloud game but is playing by a different set of rules.
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Duquesne Advisory delivers in-depth analyses of Information and Communications Technologies, their implementations and their markets. Research is based on critical observation of the market by the analysts and their on-going contacts with the vendor community, together with hands-on, practical experience in consulting engagements.


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