Research Duquesne Advisory delivers in-depth analyses of Information and Communications Technologies, their implementations and their markets. Research is based on critical observation of the market by the analysts and their on-going contacts with the vendor community, together with hands-on, practical experience in consulting engagements.

War for the Cloud: What's new with BT Cloud Compute? - 05/20/2013

2013 is shaping up as a big year in the war for the cloud and especially for IaaS.

On the supply side, global IT players such as Microsoft and Google are challenging Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the high volume “Commodity IaaS” market. Other players such as IBM, CSC and Orange are focusing on the high value “Enterprise Class” space, with offerings that include well structured “IaaS Management Services”.

The battle is also heating up in the enterprise grade, self-service space. A recent example was the announcement by BT, the British telco, of the expanded availability of BT Cloud Compute.

“Flexible Contact Center”: Orange goes for growth in international markets - 11/26/2012

Contact centers are a natural market for telcos looking to move up the services value chain. Hosted contact centers, the segment that is showing by far the fastest growth, make particular sense for large operators like Orange with ambitions and investments in the cloud.

"Flexible Contact Center", a cloud hosted solution, is the newest addtion to its portfolio.

“Breakthrough Global Cloud Service” from IBM and AT&T: much ado about nothing ? - 10/10/2012

Since the inception of cloud computing, security concerns have been a major factor preventing its broader adoption, notably by very large enterprises, resulting in slower than expected market development.

So, when legitimate key suppliers such as AT&T and IBM partner to propose relevant answers to large scale cloud deployment requirements and security issues, this should only spell good news for customers and help accelerate cloud adoption...

Tech Biz : SAP buys into serious SaaS in deal for SuccessFactors...and Lars - 12/06/2011

Despite the morose economic climate, Tech M&A continued to grow in the third quarter of 2011: $56.5 billion according to a November report from E&Y, up 22 % from a year ago.

According to E&Y, that total value was the highest for any quarter since 2007, with big deals such as Google/Motorola and HP/Autonomy leading the way.

The fourth quarter is showing some serious action too, with the announcement of an all cash $3.4 billion acquisition by SAP of SuccessFactors, a fast growing provider of cloud-based human capital management (HCM) solutions.

HP: Common sense from no nonsense Meg - 11/30/2011

According to Meg Whitman, CEO, "HP is getting back to business fundamentals in...

« Hack attack! » Three key messages for Senior Management - 08/26/2011

2011 has seen a dramatic acceleration of attacks against information systems, and the year appears to be poised to break all records for losses of confidential data. Among the best known "victims" are: Sony, RSA Security, Lockheed Martin, Epsilon, NASA, FBI, Citigroup and dozens of other large companies and government agencies.

The stakes in targeted attacks can be very high. Organisations should – to the extent that is possible – remediate the vulnerabilities of their information systems, without neglecting the need for vigilance and a robust capacity for security incident response.

HP, Oracle and Itanium Part 1: is HP paying for strategic mistakes? - 06/28/2011

This conflict, one of the most serious in the IT industry, is indicative of the choices made by vendors over the last fifteen years and of the market’s evolution which is rewarding some players and punishing others.

The first part of this research note is focused on the strategies of the key vendors, first and foremost HP. The second part will look at the different options available to IT users.

A version in French of this article can be found in the blog of Emmanuel Besluau on this site.

Messages for business leaders from Fukushima: Part 1 Disasters as the "new normal" - 05/21/2011

The Japanese "triple play" catastrophe is a particularly tragic illustration of...

Guest analyst Martin Hingley : Why buy Networking from HP, Servers from Cisco? - 05/16/2011

Martin Hingley of ITCandor is a well known and influential IT market expert.

In this guest contribution, he shares some thoughts about the pros and cons of consolidating vendors.

Tech Biz: US telco CenturyLink buys Savvis for managed hosting, co-location and .... the Cloud - 05/11/2011

In case anybody missed it, Tech M&A is back with a vengeance. The first four months of 2011saw deals valued at around $111billion.

A big piece of this was AT&T's acquisition of T-Mobile USA for $39bn. Telcos were also players in smaller but still billion-dollar-plus transactions, including Verizon's deal for Terremark, a provider of co-location and managed services, including cloud computing.

As might have been expected, the Verizon/Terremark deal immediately set off rampant industry speculation about who would be next. Hosting company Savvis was frequently cited, with AT&T seen as a buyer.

As it turns out, Savvis is in fact being acquired, but by a much smaller telco, the US focused CenturyLink.

Microsoft acquires Skype: smart move, challenges ahead - 05/11/2011

Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype for $ 8.5 billion marks a turning point in the company’s online strategy, and represents a very smart move for the Redmond firm. It goes far beyond acquiring a technology, or even a client base.

We see this deal as part of Microsoft's efforts to reorganise its products and services portfolio, and adapt to a changing market, primarily characterised by permanent and ubiquitous connectivity.

However, success will depend on execution and Microsoft will face a number of integration challenges. There will be much more at stake than just «making Skype profitable».

What can the world learn from "The Global Information Technology Report, Transformations 2.0" ? - 04/20/2011

This report from the World Economic Forum and INSEAD is presented as "the world’s most comprehensive and authoritative international assessment of the impact of ICT on the development process and the competitiveness of nations."

This may well be true, but there is something to be said for having a critical look at the value of the results, especially the country scorecard known as the "Networked Readiness Index" (NRI).

Asking some critical questions is exactly what we intend to do.
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Duquesne Advisory delivers in-depth analyses of Information and Communications Technologies, their implementations and their markets. Research is based on critical observation of the market by the analysts and their on-going contacts with the vendor community, together with hands-on, practical experience in consulting engagements.


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